Who said investments
were just money?

Investments is much more than money, it is the search for perfection in blockchain
where the best companies and communities come together for a common purpose.


The team members and investors who grow with us have amply demonstrated know how to perform well both in bull markets and in bear markets. Not only that, they have cooperated in the analysis to squeeze all existing opportunities.


The support we provide to developers and investors with innovative ideas makes Blackcat an indispensable ally to open new ways market and exploit them effectively.


We strongly support those who want to turn their dreams into real value. We have the 'Know how' of the blockchain space, and we apply it to our partners and customers.

Who said investments
were just money?

Discover us.


Blockchain Solutions

In charge of connecting companies and people who seek to develop their talent and creativity in blockchain, we provide the necessary resources for its operation.

Implementation of Blockchain

We provide our customers with the perfect solution to integrate blockchain in their business, blockchain is suitable to lower costs and improve the security and stability of any data or information processing system. Appropriate and unique solutions for each type of business, do not stay behind in the next technological revolution.

Advice on Blockchain

We help the client to find the best way to integrate blockchain in his business or productive process. Currently we help both new projects and large companies to adapt to the technology of the fourth industrial revolution. We improve the entry of businesses into this new market and strengthen its expansion.

Blockchain education

At all scales and ages, we provide the necessary education and tutoring to managers and employees to learn to work with blockchain in their business, as well as providing the educational tools necessary to develop and practice this new solution.



Check why investments are more than money


What we offer our customers

Business study

We study and analyze your business in order to provide the blockchain solution that best suits and improves your process, reducing costs, improving security and providing greater scalability.

Implementation of Blockchain

We offer blockchain implementation globally in any type of business, industry or institution. From the first minute we take care of implementing and maintaining the blockchain solution in your business. You will not have to worry about anything!

Market expansion

Both new projects and projects already in operation need to expand and be seen in this new market, in Blackcat we put at your disposal all kinds of resources and marketing to promote the correct entry and expansion in this market.

Development tools

We have a multitude of tools available to our clients that facilitate blockchain development and implementation in their business, as well as providing the tutorials and education necessary to be able to use these tools.

Advanced education

Our experience in the blockchain ecosystem allows us to offer our clients the necessary education to expand and grow in this ecosystem. From blockchain operation to advanced cryptocurrency trading.

Blockchain research

We are committed to always offering the latest technological solutions in terms of blockchain, in addition to researching development fields, expansion of utilities and their implementation on a global scale.


Amazing and talented people work here


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