Who said investments
were just money?

Investments is much more than money, it is the search for perfection in blockchain
where the best companies and communities come together for a common purpose.


The team members and investors who grow with us have amply demonstrated know how to perform well both in bull markets and in bear markets. Not only that, they have cooperated in the analysis to squeeze all existing opportunities.


The support we provide to developers and investors with innovative ideas makes Blackcat an indispensable ally to open new ways market and exploit them effectively.


We strongly support those who want to turn their dreams into real value. We have the 'Know how' of the blockchain space, and we apply it to our partners and customers.

Who said investments
were just money?

Discover us.


Blockchain Solutions

In charge of connecting companies and people who seek to develop their talent and creativity in blockchain, we provide the necessary resources for its operation.

Business Growth

Blackcat provides its clients with the services necessary for birth, development and sustainability of the new projects. To do this, he surrounds himself with the best professionals in each field, who accompany the client throughout the entire business journey.


We help the client from a 'zero point': We analyze the client's idea, the current and future situation of the market and we help him in the launching of the project. Blackcat acts as integral adviser to the client, solving all possible doubts that the client may have at any stage of the business project.


As leaders of the Spanish-speaking market in the space of cryptocurrencies, our position in the RRSS and the deep knowledge of the market and its different actors, we can offer an adequate positioning and excellent visibility for each project, from the ICO & STO to an existing project that work on improving your position in the market.



Check why investments are more than money


What we offer our customers

Brand Creation

We know how to generate brand value. We cemented and reinforced the brand concept using all the tools available in the RRSS to reach all potential customers in the current market.

We are creators

From an idea to a project. From a project to a company. We help to really capture the idea of ​​the client, until obtaining a final result ready to launch to the market.

Inspirational work

We provide the client with the right macrovision for the success of the project: we encourage the dynamics of a positive team, we educate regarding the adequate leadership for team.


Amazing and talented people work here


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