Who said investments were just money?

Investments is much more than money, it is the search for perfection in blockchain

where the best companies and communities come together for a common purpose.

Discover us.


The team members and investors who grow with us have amply demonstrated know how to perform well both in bull markets and in bear markets. Not only that, they have cooperated in the analysis to squeeze all existing opportunities.


The support we provide to developers and investors with innovative ideas makes, Blackcat an indispensable ally to open new ways market, and exploit them effectively.


We strongly support those who want to turn their dreams into real value. We have the 'Know how' of the blockchain space, and we apply it to our partners and customers.


About us

We are advisory and support company, specialized in the FinTech sector, whose services are focused on providing global solutions to companies and institutions that demand it.

We combine tools of marketing, branding, process analysis, problem solving and cutting-edge technologies implementation (Blockchain, IoT, machine learning, IA) to reach the maximum possible potential for each situation posed.


Blackcat Blockchain Investments was born to build bridges between the different actors that make up the global market.

On the one hand we collect the needs of our customers, to bring them closer to these technologies, and improve the competitiveness and efficiency of their businesses.

On the other hand we look for the most suitable solution for them. Working diligently and methodically, we offer after a deep study, the different possibilities of improvement, modernization or solutions to specific problems.

All this using the most efficient tools available in the market, and providing excellent results.


Our mission is to gather all the potential of the market and tools, and transform into the best solutions for each client.


We dream big. We are not satisfied with little. We want BlackCat to be the maximum reference in terms of consulting. FinTech is concerned.

Because “if you can dream it, you can do it”


Integrity: Because not everything is worth it. Because we want to be reference. Because the best way is the straight path, with no shortcuts or traps.

Efficiency: El motor del equipo. Siempre buscando la mejor solución para cada cliente, para obtener el mejor resultado para su negocio.

Responsibility: BlackCat is committed to each project 200%. All there is to say about it is “Results or excuses”.

Passion: Because without this ingredient, no recipe can work. Because to be in the vanguard does not have a single head. Because we love our work and its results.

Agreement: We will go as far as the customer needs. Without delays or excuses. And of course, treating each project as its own.

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