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Omar - CEO, Founder

Marketing Campaigns

We design marketing campaigns with passion

We are in charge of taking your product to the imaginary of people, with a close and direct treatment, with innovative ideas, audiovisual resources and constant communication in all available channels.

We take care of developing all your marketing campaign in an effective, honest, innovative and revolutionary way with the current trend.

Innovative ideas

Clients satisfaction

Organization and professionalism

Business success


What we offer our customers

Full ICO/STO Support + Listing

- We create hype in important media.

- We develop stickers, videos, texts, and translations.

- We advise the ICO/STO from the first minute.

- Listing on top ICO sites with premium rating.

Community Management

- We manage the communities of all social networks.

- We make reports on them to improve quality.

- Tutoring and personalized support.

- We make the product close to the client.

- We improve SEO

PR and Influencer Marketing

- Public relations with media and top CEO.

- Paid articles in important media (Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Investing...)

- Promotion in the networks of our main influencers (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Telegram...)

Full Ads + Paid Traffic

- Creation and development of advertising in main platforms.

- Promotion of the ICO/STO in coinmarketcap, bitcointalk and main forums. Premium rating.

- Paid crypto traffic to your website and social media.

- Improve the followers and visualizations of your social media.

Special Markets + Live Events

- Grow in important markets with us (Europe, Asia, Africa, America).

- Special advertising for those markets and adapted. Big results.

- Attendance at events around the world on behalf of the ICO/STO. Great influx and impact, we perform strong audiovisual events.

- Representation of ICO/STO throughout the world and advertisements on traditional platforms.

- Videos with important people from the crypto and influencers talking about the ICO/STO.

Other services

- Growth Hacking.

- User panels for the web and the ICO/STO.

- Development of the website.

- Improvements of the equipment and improve its presence in networks.

- Creation of social networks and increase of followers in a legal way (NO BOTS).

- Creation of logos and images.

  • Full ICO/STO Support + Listings
  • Community Management
  • PR and Influencer Marketing
  • Full Ads + Paid Traffic
  • Special Markets + Live Events
  • Full ICO/STO Support + Listings
  • Community Management
  • PR and Influencer Marketing
  • Full Ads + Paid Traffic
  • Special Markets + Live Events
  • Full ICO/STO Support + Listings
  • Community Management
  • PR and Influencer Marketing
  • Full Ads + Paid Traffic
  • Special Markets + Live Events


We trust in experience

We focus on analyzing the way teams work, their presence in social networks and other public appearances, their correct understanding of the philosophy behind White-paper and other technical aspects, and the way the public has reacted to their efforts, according to a number of criteria.

We will use all the resources that are required to make sure that the essence of the project is crystal-clear in a way that is simple and efficient. Our audiovisuals will help audiences to understand and transmit the philosophy of the whole project. We make valuables brands. We create brands with great value over time.

We know where to be, how to act and how to exert our influence by using our personal reputation. It is all the result of our experience as investors in different projects, together with an open-minded mentality, always ready and willing to exchange ideas and points of view.

Those teams that contact us will always receive a very warm welcome, constant feedback on our progress and constant support throughout the whole project. We can improve and create new concepts in the project that can innovate and revolutionize the target market.

Social Media Marketing


Unique Branding


Strategy planning